Unlock the secrets to becoming a full-time artist and build your very own thriving business


Make your art your new living.

Sell more art than you ever thought was possible.

Hi there, I'm Corinne

I'm passionate about creating art, and I'm just as passionate about using my creativity to run a thriving online art business.

A few years ago, I hit my first 7 figure milestone at, and in that moment I felt so grateful that I could truly make an abundant living from my art.

Today, I'm grateful to share that I have more freedom than ever before, work on my own terms, create art that lights me up from the inside, and have plenty of time left over for the things in life that I love - my baby girl, my husband, my dogs, my health, fitness and yoga. 

Now, my goal is to help you grow, by sharing the tools and resources you need to create wealth from your work. I'm sharing everything I know to help you maintain a fun and fulfilling art practice, while running a profitable and thriving business at the same time.

Corinne Melanie 

Artist & Founder of AOA +



Here's what you'll learn

You'll be guided through the essential elements of building a profitable art business to ensure your success for many years to come.

Module 1

Create Art that Actually Sells 

Create a strong vision

In this first module we prepare your mindset for success, and cover what it takes to create art that actually sells. You'll craft a clear vision for your artwork, including your colour pallette, shape and form.

By delving into current interior design styles that complement your artwork, you'll gain the insight needed to ensure your art is both visually cohesive and market-ready. With a solid plan in place, you'll be equipped to create stunning, sellable pieces even before picking up your paintbrush.

Module 2

How to Make & Sell Art Prints

Decide on Your Product Mix

Ever wondered how online art stores offer such a vast range of products? Many online art galleries sell made-to-order pieces, allowing customers to receive their artwork within a few short weeks.

In this module, you'll learn how to implement exactly the same strategy. Have artwork for sale on your website at no cost to you, and only pay to make it when a customer places an order. You can't loose.

As a bonus, you won't need a big shed full of stock because the art is shipped straight to your customer from your printer or framer!

We’ll also explore how print sales can complement or enhance your original and commissioned painting sales, along with strategies to run your store in a way that aligns with your lifestyle goals.

Module 3

Pricing Your Art for Profit

get crystal clear on your costs, profit and decide on your income

Pricing your products involves careful consideration of various factors such as supplier costs, shipping, and other business expenses. It's essential to ensure your pricing strategy leads to profitability.

In this module, I provide step-by-step guidance along with a downloadable spreadsheet to help you price your work effectively. This tool allows you to determine the exact cost to fulfill each product on your website and understand your profit margins.

With this methodology, you'll be able to predict and decide on your income upfront, ensuring you have enough profit left over to offer customer discounts and invest in paid advertising if desired.

Module 4

Building your Brand, Marketing and Increasing Exposure

Get art sales with effective social media marketing and beyond

The largest and meatiest module in the whole course!

In this module, we focus on branding, marketing, and getting discovered by buyers. Effective marketing goes beyond just social media, and I'll share my four-platform strategy for success, helping you establish multiple income streams when selling your work online.

We'll cover the best practices for visually marketing your artwork, designing a beautiful brand and website, writing compelling product descriptions for your art that sells, and presenting yourself authentically on social media in a way that feels natural and comfortable.

This comprehensive approach ensures your brand stands out and attracts the right audience that wants to buy your art.

In addition to the guidance above, you'll receive a plethora of downloadable tools, resources and templates to create your Brand Plan, Social Media Marketing Plan, Social Media Schedule, Reel Filming Prompts & Caption Ideas, and much, much more.

Module 5

Your Business Plan & Strategy for the Next 6 Months

Creating your Abundant Life and Thriving

You won't be left wondering what to do next at the end of this course. In this final module, you'll receive a comprehensive 6-Month Business Plan template to help you apply everything you've learned and set your goals for the next six months.

You'll get clear action steps for building a thriving, profitable art business. We’ll also discuss how to maintain well-being and balance as your workload increases and orders grow.

To ensure you stay organized and motivated, I provide Monthly Reset Checklists and other printable resources that you can use ongoing. These tools will help you stay on track and ready for your inevitable success.

setting you up for success

When you complete the course you will have:  


  • You'll have clear goals and clear direction.

  • You'll gain insight into what makes art wildly saleable.

  • You'll produce a dreamy vision for your work and see it all come together before your eyes.

  • You will create a plan for producing art that not only excites and motivates you but also results in highly profitable pieces.


  • You'll establish an operating model aligned with the dream business you want to create.

  • You'll create a pricing strategy that ensures your financial abundance.

  • You'll know whether automating your fine art prints is the right strategy for you, and receive guidance on how to set it up.

  • You'll know exactly what you're selling, how much you're selling it for, and how much profit you are going to make.


  • Marketing, sorted.

  • A comprehensive brand plan, content creation, and social media strategy.

  • You'll know how to visually market your artwork, write copy that sells, and unlock your true, authentic self on social media.

  • You'll also receive checklists, guidance, and tips on creating beautiful imagery and video content.


  • A 6-Month Business Plan, with clear actions and goals to achieve your dreams.

  • Guidance on maintaining balance when your orders start to grow.

  • Monthly business reset templates.

  • Monthly business reflection and review templates.

  • Ongoing support and connection within the AOA Community for like-minded CEO artists.

+THE AOA workbook

Full of rich guidance and action tasks, to help you every step of the way. Recieve instant access to this incredible 97 page resource as soon as you enroll in AOA.

+THE AOA mockup kit

Instant access to the Photoshop mockup kit you can use to create highly marketable and saleable in-situ images of your art. Image lisence included. Use these images to publish your art to your online store and for social media posts right away. 

+FREE DIGITAL BRUSHES create prints for sale with ease 

If you haven't tried digital painting yet, now is the perfect time. It's the fastest way to make and sell art prints online. Enroll in AOA to receive access to my Photoshop and Corel Painter brushes, which you can use to create beautiful, realistic digital prints you can sell right away.

This program includes

Everything you need to become a full-time artist

Instantly access the tools, resources, guides and strategy to create and sell art consistently, while building a thriving and profitable art business.



  • You have started selling art online, but you are yet to gain traction and achieve consistent sales.

  • You currently work full-time in another career but have a deep and burning desire to work full-time in your art business.

  • You are ready to understand what makes art deeply saleable and marketable in today's current marketplace.

  • You're ready to create a vision for your art, brand and product offering that lights you up from the inside and ignites the best work you've ever made.

  • You're looking beyond short-term gains and your goal is to create a strategy and sustainable art business that can thrive for many years to come

  • You are curious about how digital art creation tools can complement, enhance or even replace traditional art creation to create stunning products to sell, with speed.

  • You're determined to make an abundant living from your art and want to learn about product margins and how to price your work effectively for profitability.

  • Above all you want a life of joy, balance and wellbeing. Your goal is to run a successful, thriving business where you have the freedom to choose your own hours, take time out when you need, and an abundance of space to stay creative.


Money-back guarantee


Watch the first lesson and if you are not 100% satisfied, we'll happily refund you in full.

*You'll be eligible for a refund if your course progress shows you only view the first lesson, and you contact us within 24 hours of purchase to request your cancellation.

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  • 100+ pages of strategy, templates, guides and done-for-you marketing
  • Instant access to all the goodies and bonuses!

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