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Hi, I'm Corinne

I'm passionate about creating art, and I'm just as passionate about using my creativity to run a thriving online art business.

About Me

A few years ago, I hit my first 7 figure milestone at, and in that moment I felt so grateful that I could truly make an abundant living from my art.

Today, I'm grateful to share that I have more freedom than ever before, work on my own terms, create art that lights me up from the inside, and have plenty of time left over for the things in life that I love - my baby girl, my husband, my dogs, my health, fitness and yoga. 

Now, my goal is to help you grow, by sharing the tools and resources you need to create wealth from your work. I'm sharing everything I know to help you maintain a fun and fulfilling art practice, while running a profitable and thriving business at the same time. 

Corinne Melanie 

Artist & Founder of AOA +


What You'll Discover Here:

  • Free downloadable resources, guides and books, all with action steps on how to create a saleable presence online and sell more art;
  • Access to the Art of Abundance Academy, my comprehensive A-Z course in creating artwork that sells and building a profitable art business that will provide you with the tools and resources for success, for many years to come.
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Module 1

Your Mindset: Have Unstoppable Motivation & Vision

Here we’re going to cover your goals for your art, money, and life - and why having a strategy is critical for your success. Then, we’ll set out a plan for you to document a clear vision for the body of work, and brand, you want to create. With a strong vision comes unstoppable motivation and action.

Module 2

Your Offer: Crafting your Collection of Products to Sell

We’ll discuss how you can create your saleable art prints and paintings ready for sale, with speed. I’ll show you how you don’t need a huge outlay of funds and you don’t need a warehouse with stock. Leveraging the made-to-order model, we’ll get your website stocked and ready to sell swiftly. You’ll also learn about different ways to run your store to meet your lifestyle goals, from fully automated print sales through to high-end luxury commissions.

Module 3

Your Profitability: Costs, Financial Acumen, and Pricing Your Art for Profit

Here you’ll lock in your suppliers and determine the cost to sell your prints and paintings. Once the costs have been determined, I’ll show you how to understand profit margin and price your prints and paintings for profit.

Module 4

Sell with Ease: Sales Channels, Platforms and Marketing

Here I’ll share my 4 platform-strategy for success and how you can set up multiple income streams when selling your work online. We’ll also discuss the best ways to visually market your artwork, how you can write copy that sells and how to be your true, authentic self on social media in a way that feels right and comfortable to you.

Module 5

Taking Action: Creating your Abundant Life and Thriving

Finally you’ll pull everything together by writing out your business strategy with the template provided and set your goals and actions for the next 3-6 months. We’ll also talk about how you can maintain wellbeing and balance when things get busy and as your orders begin to grow.


  • You have started selling art online, but you are yet to gain traction and achieve consistent sales.

  • You currently work full-time in another career but have a deep and burning desire to work full-time in your art business.

  • You are ready to understand what makes art deeply saleable and marketable in today's current marketplace.

  • You're ready to create a vision for your art, brand and product offering that lights you up from the inside and ignites the best work you've ever made.

  • You're looking beyond short-term gains and your goal is to create a strategy and sustainable art business that can thrive for many years to come

  • You are curious about how digital art creation tools can complement, enhance or even replace traditional art creation to create stunning products to sell, with speed.

  • You're determined to make an abundant living from your art and want to learn about product margins and how to price your work effectively for profitability.

  • Above all you want a life of joy, balance and wellbeing. Your goal is to run a successful, thriving business where you have the freedom to choose your own hours, take time out when you need, and an abundance of space to stay creative.


The Art of Abundance Academy

Are you ready to sell more art than you thought was possible?

If you answered yes, it's time to build the foundations of your future with a thriving art business that will bring you joy, prosperity and profit for many years to come.


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